Sociology Unit 1:Demography

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Sociology Unit 1:Demography
1 Infant Mortality Rate
1.1 the number of children who die before their first birthday,per thousand born alive per year
1.2 better health services
1.3 Improved housing & better sanitation
1.4 higher wages
1.5 NW: having children to old= an unhappy childhood
1.6 NW: Teenage preganices= decline in moral values
2 Birth Rate
2.1 The number of live births per thousand of the population per year
2.2 changes in the position of women
2.2.1 deciding to have a carer first or not have children at all
2.3 lower infant mortality, lower birth rate
2.4 child centerdness
2.4.1 much attention is focused on the children
2.4.2 parents have fewer children to focus on them
2.5 Funct&NR: worried if couples dont have children- undermines nuclear family
3 Fertility Rate
3.1 the average number of children women will have during their fertile years
3.2 smaller families- women can still go to work
3.3 reduces the dependency ratio on the population
4 Death Rate
4.1 the number of deaths per thousand of the population
4.2 improved nutrition
4.3 medical improvements
4.4 public health measures
5 The Ageing Population
5.1 The average of the UK population
5.2 increases one person households
5.3 increases dependency ratio on population
5.4 social construction: old people as vulnerable
5.5 Functionalist: 'march of progress' better healthcare
5.6 NW: elederly should be cared for by family
6 Migration
6.1 the movement of people from place to place
6.1.1 IMMIGRATION: into
6.1.2 EMMIGRATION: out
6.1.3 NET: the difference between immigration & emigration
6.1.4 Marx: immigrants end up doing the worst jobs
6.1.5 Interactionism: 'moral panic'
6.2 people move into the country for more money
6.3 immigrant women have more children- higher fertility rate

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