Was the USSR primarily responsible for the division of Germany in 1949?

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A Levels History (Germany - Divided and Reunited 1945-1991) Mind Map on Was the USSR primarily responsible for the division of Germany in 1949?, created by Eva Clifton on 05/04/2014.

Eva Clifton
Created by Eva Clifton over 5 years ago
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Was the USSR primarily responsible for the division of Germany in 1949?
1 yes
1.1 Berlin blockade (1948-49) - intended to drive Western allies out of West Berlin - actually strengthened them and led to the formation of the FRG (1949) and NATO
1.2 The USSR took control of most of Eastern Europe - Stalin wanted to create a 'buffer zone' between the USSR and the West
1.3 The soviet occupation of the GDR was a massive economic drain on the USSR
1.4 Russian policies of denazification and social reform were more extreme than in the west - Eastern Bloc countries were forced to adopt Communist systems of government
2 no
2.1 Russia had suffered huge casualties in WWII - 25 million dead. This hardened attitudes towards Germany's future
2.2 President Truman distrusted the USSR and wanted to be harsh with them
2.3 Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan - aimed to resist communism
2.4 Bizonia created in 1947 - can be seen as an anti-Russian move
2.5 1947 - Western allies rejected Stalin's proposal for a united Germany - they feared it would be dominated by the USSR
2.6 June 1949 - Deutschmark introduced - created 2 seperate political systems and weakened the East's economy
2.7 Adenauer strengthened the West's relations with the USA, UK and France - compulsory military service and joining NATO in 1955 showed this

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