Muscles of the Upper limb

Nawar Hussein
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medical The Muscles System (Muscles System) Mind Map on Muscles of the Upper limb, created by Nawar Hussein on 05/04/2014.

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Nawar Hussein
Created by Nawar Hussein over 5 years ago
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Muscles of the Upper limb
1 shoulder girdlle
1.1 superficial
1.1.1 deltoid
1.2 deep
1.2.1 supraspinatus
1.2.2 infraspinatus
1.2.3 teres minor m.
1.2.4 teres major m.
1.2.5 subscapularis
2 upper arm
2.1 anterior
2.1.1 biceps brachii
2.1.2 coracobrachialis
2.1.3 brachialis
2.2 posterior
2.2.1 triceps long head lateral medial
2.2.2 anconeus
3 forearm
3.1 anterior
3.1.1 superficial pronator teres m. humeral head ulnar head flexor carpi radialis palmaris longus flexor carpi ulnaris humeral head ulnar head flexor digitourm superficialis m. humeroulnar head radial head
3.1.2 deep flexor digitorum profundus m. flexor pollicis longus m. pronator quadratus
3.2 posterior
3.2.1 lateral brachioradialis extensor carpi radialis longus m. extensor carpi radialis brevis m.
3.2.2 medial extensor digitorum m. extensor digiti minimi m. extensor carpi ulnaris m. supinator m. abductor pollisis longus m. extensor pollisis brevis m. extensor pollisis longus m. extensor indicis m.
4 hand
4.1 thumb
4.1.1 abductor pollicis brvis m.
4.1.2 flexor pollicis brevis m.
4.1.3 opponens pollicis m.
4.1.4 adductor pollicis m. oblique head transverse head
4.2 little finger
4.2.1 short palmer
4.2.2 abductor digiti minimi m.
4.2.3 flexot digiti minimi m.
4.2.4 opponens digiti minimi m.
4.3 palm
4.3.1 lumbrical
4.3.2 palmar interossei
4.3.3 dorsal interossei

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