Fight Club

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Fight Club
1 Tyler Durden
1.1 hes the subconciouns of the protagonist
1.2 has his own soap company that was successful
1.3 is the creator of the many fight club's and project mayhem
1.4 can be very destructive at times
2 The Narrator
2.1 he is an insomniac
2.2 moves in with Tyler and ends up shooting himself because its the only way thathat he can get rid of Tyler
2.3 we are never given the narrators name until the end
2.4 goes to different support groups on different nights where he meets Big Bob.
3 Marla
3.1 never in the same room as Tyler during the day, only in the night they are in the same rom
3.2 also goes to support groups even when she isn't sick.
3.3 finds out that the protagonist is in fact Tyler
3.4 Fights with the protagonist about what support groups they can each go to becasue two 'fakers' shouldn't be in the same support group.
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