The Odyssey - Summary of all Books

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The Odyssey - Summary of all Books
1 Book 1
1.1 The story opens with a conclave of the Gods; Athene ask why Odysseus is kept prisoner by Calypso. Zeus answers that it is because he has blinded Polyphemus, the son of Poseidon and Poseidon keeps a grudge against him.
1.2 Athene goes to Ithaca and finds the palace of Odysseus full of a horde of suitors who have refused to leave until Penelope should chose one of them for her husband.
1.3 Athene meets Telemachus, Odysseus' son in the shape of a friend of the oikos, Mentes.
1.4 She advises him to call a public meeting to assert his authority and then go to Pylos in search of news for his father.
1.5 Telemachus enters the hall and asserts himself for the first time, but he has no position of authority - he is still a boy.
1.5.1 The Suitors do not feel threatened and see Telemachus' actions as the actions of a boy.
2 Book 5
2.1 The gods hold a meeting and decide to send Odysseus home again.
2.2 Hermes, the messenger is dispatched to Calypso's island and gives her the message from Zeus.
2.3 Calypso is distraught at the news and offers Odysseus immortality to stay, but he refuses and says that he must leave.
2.4 Odysseus builds a raft out of raw materials and is sent on his way with parcels of food, wine, nice clothes and a favourable wind from Calypso
2.5 He voyages over stormy seas and his ship is wrecked when Poseidon discovers the gods decision about his freedom.
2.6 Ino helps Odysseus by giving him a veil that would protect him from injury and death and Athene gives him the wisdom of deciding to swim into the mouth of a river near the shore.
2.7 Odysseus is cast ashore on the island of Phaeacia and falls asleep in a bush
3 Book 6
3.1 Odysseus is awakened by the voice of girls at play
3.2 Athene appears to Nausicaa in a dream in the form of Dymas, a friend and places the idea of washing her clothes down by the river in the morning and to take a chariot with her, so that she can meet Odysseus
3.3 He comes forward to the king's daughter, but all of her maids run away and leave her to question the stranger
3.4 She offers him food and clothes (xenia) and leads him to the palace behind her chariot.
4 Book 7
4.1 As Odysseus is passing through the city, Athene hides him in a cloud of mist and guides him to the palace of Alcinous disguised as a slave girl and gives him background information on the Phaecians
4.2 Odysseus reaches the palace and appeals to Queen Arete and her husband. They recieve him and give him xenia and promise a safe conduct to his own country
5 Book 8
5.1 Next day the Phaecian games are held in which Odysseus takes part after being insulted by Euryalus
5.2 The blind bard Demodocus sings the tale of Ares and Aphrodite's affair
5.2.1 A comedic element
5.3 He then sings about the Trojan war and Odysseus is deeply moved to tears. Alcinous sees this and asks his host who he is.
6 Book 9
6.1 "I am Odysseus" he answers and tells the long story of his adventures
6.1.1 The Lotus-Eaters, The Laestragonians
6.2 The escape from the Cyclops
6.2.1 The lying tale "My name is Nobody"
7 Book 10
7.1 Next he describes how he visited the island of the winds and how Aelous bottled up all the winds in a bag (expect the west wind) which was to blow him home
7.2 However his crew began to be jealous of Odysseus renown and the lack of appreciation they were receiving and so, opened the bag which blew them back to Aelous' land
7.3 Aelous was shocked and sent them away believing they were cursed by the Gods
7.3.1 Odysseus and his crew then came across the Island of Circe Circe turned his crew into pigs but because Hermes gave Odysseus the 'mole' plant as an antidote he managed to infiltrate Circe's lair and turn his men back to normal
7.4 They stayed there for a year and then Odysseus asked Circe if they could leave and continue their jouney
7.4.1 She obliged but said they first had to consult the prophet Tiresias in the underworld and ask him about future events Elpenor dies
8 Book 11
8.1 Odysseus visits the underworld
8.2 He talks to the souls of heroes he fought against and alongside in the Trojan war and women of old days
8.2.1 Heroes like Achilles, Ajax, Agamemnon and Heracles
8.2.2 Women including Jocasta and Pheadra
8.3 Tiresias tells him that he will come to die in his homeland when he is old, happy and surrounded by prosperous people
8.4 Odysseus discovers the shade of his mother, Anticleia who died of longing for her son to return. She gives him information about the events happening in Ithaca and pleads him to return for Penelope's sake
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