Gregor Mendel

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Gregor Mendel
1 Who was he?
1.1 A monk
1.2 Studied variation and inheritance of pea plants
1.3 Published in 1866 but few people read it and even then, most did not understand it
1.4 Gained recognition 40 years after the paper was published
2 What did he find out?
2.1 Inheritance was not due to the blending mechanism but inheritance factors.
2.2 The cells in each pea plant has 2 inheritance factors for each characteristic
2.2.1 each haploid gamete (pollen grain/egg) only carries 1 inheritance factor for each characteristic offspring could get dominant or recessive characteristic
3 Chromosomes, Alleles and Genes
3.1 DNA governs inheritance of characteristics
3.2 DNA carries genetic information
3.2.1 It is coiled into structures called CHROMOSOMES and is found in the nucleus of the cell Each pair of chromosomes have the same genes although each gene may be in different forms called ALLELES Each allele in a gene codes for the same characteristic but for a slightly different version of it
3.2.2 A small section of DNA is a GENE and codes for a particular characteristic
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