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GCSE Chemistry (C3) Mind Map on Titration, created by Lily O'Brien on 03/26/2017.

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1 Compare the hardness of water samples
1.1 Method
1.1.1 Fill a burette with 50cm3 of soap solution, add 50cm3 of the first water sample into a flask and use the burette to add 1cm3 of soap solution to the flask. Put a bung in the flask and shake for 10 seconds. Repeat, adding more soap solution until a good lasting lather is formed (bubbles cover surface for at least 30 seconds) Record how much soap was needed to create a lasting lather and repeat the process with other water samples. Next, boil fresh samples of each type of water for 10 minutes and repeat the experiment.
2 When boiling the water for the experiement, water that was unboiled but needed little soap solution and needed the same amount boiled, will be soft water, water that needed a lot of soap solution before and after will be hard. Water that needed lots of soap and a little soap after boiled will be temporary
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