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1 BPS has a code of ethics and conduct based on 4 main principles
1.1 Respect
1.1.1 value dignity & worth of all Particpants
1.2 Competence
1.2.1 Value the continuing development & maintenance of high standards
1.2.2 Value the importance of persevering their ability to function optimally
1.3 Responsibility
1.3.1 Clients
1.3.2 General Public
1.3.3 to science
1.4 Integrity Value
1.4.1 honesty
1.4.2 accuracy
1.4.3 clarity
1.4.4 fairness
2 Human Participants
2.1 Deception
2.2 Debriefing
2.3 Avoid Stress & Discomfort
2.4 Informed Consent
2.5 Anonymity
2.6 the right to withdraw
2.6.1 full info about level of dicomfort
2.6.2 remind of their right to withdraw
2.6.3 terminate if levels of discomfort are higher than expected
3 Animals
3.1 For
3.1.1 used when humans can't be.
3.1.2 greater control over variables
3.1.3 use several generations at once
3.1.4 anything may lead to new theories
3.1.5 humans & animals have things in common
3.1.6 Skinner: Units of learning similar in higher species
3.2 Against
3.2.1 preparedness: some animals born prepared
3.2.2 insight learning
3.2.3 some behaviours are instinctive to animals
3.2.4 language is unique to humans
3.2.5 Questions about the use of animals doing abnormal things in a lab
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