Sociology Unit 1:Is Childhood Disappearing?


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Sociology Unit 1:Is Childhood Disappearing?
  1. The Conventional Approach
    1. Functionalist & New Right
      1. 'March of progress' gets better over time
        1. children are more valued, better cared for etc
          1. children shaped by society
          2. New Right View
            1. POSTMAN: childhood is disappearing- children are becoming adults
              1. the same rights
                1. same TV
                  1. children can access adult TV
                  2. same clothing
                  3. PALMER: Toxic Childhood
                    1. rapid cultural changes have caused damage to children
                      1. junk food
                        1. computer games
                    2. The Conflict View
                      1. Marxists & Feminists
                        1. inequalities among children- some still remain unprotected & uncared for
                          1. children experience more control,oppression & dependency
                          2. Feminist View
                            1. HILLMAN: gender differences between children
                              1. boys are more likely to be allowed out later
                              2. FIRESTONE: paid work makes children more dependent
                              3. Marxist View
                                1. reserve army of labour
                                  1. children have a culture of 'need' to buy new things
                                    1. help to train and prepare a workforce
                                    2. Child Liberationists
                                      1. need to free children from adult control
                                        1. neglect & abuse
                                          1. control over childrens space(not allowed in shops)
                                            1. control over childrens time
                                              1. control over childrens bodies
                                              2. -However, children cannot make decisions for themselves
                                              3. The Alternative Approach
                                                1. focuses how children interpret the world
                                                  1. generalisations cannot be made of the meaning of childhood
                                                    1. children influence different things
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