Planet Earth

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Facts about Planet earth. Comment below if this helps you :)

Evangeline Taylor
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Planet Earth
1 Christian Views:
1.1 "Creation of the world in 6 days" - Genesis 1
1.1.1 Day 1 - Light + Darkness
1.1.2 Day 2 - Heaven + Earth
1.1.3 Day 3 - Land + Sea + Vegitation
1.1.4 Day 4 - Sun + Moon + Stars
1.1.5 Day 5 - Birds + Fish
1.1.6 Day 6 - Animals + Humans Made human in his image
2 Key Christain ideas
2.1 God created the world
2.1.1 Created the universe as an expression of love
2.1.2 Created living thing
2.1.3 Earth was made with the right conditions for life
2.1.4 Created animal + plants Etc... To help human live
3 Stewardship
3.1 God created the world so humans should look after it - human are God's children
3.2 World belong to God
3.2.1 They have a responsibility and duty to care for it Most all Jews and Christain believe this
3.3 Christains should be good stewards to look after it now and preserve for the future generations
3.3.1 Some christains believe, when they die, will be judged on good stewardship
4 Key quotes
4.1 'The earth is the lord's and everything in it'
4.1.1 Belongs to God as he made it
4.2 'Fill the earth and subdue it''
4.2.1 Subdue - Bring under control
4.2.2 Use it BUT don't abuses it
4.2.3 Human can use resources which God has provided
5 Other religious views
5.1 Muslim
5.1.1 Khalifah says they should treat the planet and respond to damage that has already been done to it Allah (like God) has created the world and has trusted humans to care for it
6 What could a christain do to be a good steward?
6.1 Recycle
6.2 Support environmental charities
6.2.1 WWF
6.3 Write to MP about environmental issues
6.4 Pray

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