The Trenches

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Created by maddieisproductive over 6 years ago
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The Trenches
1 Trench life
1.1 Food
1.1.1 There was rationing in the trenches
1.1.2 You would eat mainly tinned meat and fruit
1.1.3 Soldiers drank water and a daily rum ration
1.1.4 Maconochie was a meat and vegetable stew in a tin
1.2 Troops would spend their time in reserve trenches or support trenches when not on the front line
1.2.1 It would work in a cycle and you would alternate which trench you were in after some time You would spend more time in some trenches than others Spending only eight days on the front line
1.3 Routine
1.4 Trench foot
1.4.1 Caused by standing in wet boots all day
1.4.2 Similar to frostbite
1.5 Lice
1.5.1 Many soldiers had lice in their clothes and hair
1.6 Trenches were filled with rats and were muddy in winter
2 German trenches
2.1 Superior to British trenches
2.1.1 They spent more time building them
2.1.2 They were deeper and had better dugouts
2.1.3 The British didn't think the war would be to long so spent less time
2.1.4 More comfortable
3 No mans land
3.1 The distance between the allies' trenches and the enemy trenches
3.2 The distance between enemy trenches could be just 30 yards
4 How they were designed
4.1 The trenches zigzagged so if hit by bomb less would be destroyed
4.2 Dugouts were areas to hide under and sleep in underground
4.3 There were lines of trenches
4.3.1 Front line trenches nearest to no mans land
4.3.2 Communication trenches going up to different trench line to carry info
4.3.3 Support trenches to back up front line
4.3.4 Reserve trenches with reserve menu, food and ammo
4.4 The trenches ran across Europe from the North Sea to Switzerland
5 Weapons
5.1 Machine guns
5.2 Grenades
5.3 Trench mortar
5.3.1 Shot shells at enemy trenches
5.3.2 Also used to destroy barbed wire
5.4 Gas
5.4.1 Poisonous gases were used to kill soldiers
5.5 Riffles were carried by the infantry
5.6 Flamethrowers

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