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Mind Map on Robotics, created by Jonathan Zinger on 05/08/2014.

Jonathan Zinger
Created by Jonathan Zinger over 5 years ago
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1 Agents
1.1 Autonomous Robots
1.1.1 Architecture Rebellion Brittle Computationally Expensive Slow (NP-Hard or worse) Subsumption - Brooks Stateless Behavior-Based Architectures Agent Ignores sensor, does hard-coded thing "always go forward" Act based on sensor, no memory Arbitration Voting Simultaneous Precedence Subsumption Stateful Behavior Based Architectures Need memory if environment doesn't include all clues needed to make decisions Subsumption Architecture Parallel Arbitration Message Passing Inhibit Hybrid - hierarchical with subsumption behaviors 3 tiered The Wrangler Deliberator Executive Control Effectors World Sensors Feature Selection
1.1.2 Agent with real world environment
1.2 Continuous Behavior
1.3 FSA Macros
1.4 Motor Schema Behaviors
1.5 Multiagent Systems
1.5.1 Cooperative
1.5.2 Competitive
1.5.3 Multiagent Learning Team Learning Learning a solution for multiple agents Collaborative Learning Multiple agents learning solutions
1.6 Self Contained (no joystick)
1.7 Environmental Feedback
2 Bayes Filters
2.1 Kalman
2.1.1 Gaussian distribution defines where robot is located
2.2 Particle
2.2.1 Distribution is a random sample of points in your space. Use EC like fitness-based selection to choose parents for next generation of points
2.3 Tell where the robot is probably located
2.4 Prior Prob of Robots State
2.5 Transition Model
2.6 Sensor Model

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