Hotter Than That- Louis Armstrong

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Hotter Than That- Louis Armstrong
1 (Chicago, 1927, Okeh Records)
2 Structure
2.1 Introduction
2.2 3 Chorus'
2.3 Duet
2.4 Link
2.5 4th Chorus
2.6 Coda
3 The Hot Five Solos and wife
3.1 Trumpet and Vocals- Louis Armstrong
3.2 Clarinet- Johnny Dodds
3.3 Piano- Lil Hardin
3.4 Trombone- Kid Ory
3.5 Guitar- Lonnie Johnson
4 Harmony and Tonality
4.1 Eb Major
4.2 I, IV ,V
4.3 Ends on a Diminished 7th Guitar chord, intruiging and inconclusive
5 Armstrong's Style
5.1 Bold and Dramatic Melodies, extended improvisiation solos
5.2 Distinquished scat singing voice, turns it into an instrument much like the trumpet
5.3 Shakes, Fall-off, Smear, Terminal Vibrato, Rip, Rips
5.4 New Orleans Polyphony- Colletive Improvisation
6 Recording Technology
6.1 Gramophone Record main way of distributing music to a wider audience- subtler sounds lost poor quality- didn't match a live performance
6.2 Radio Broadcasts developed shortly after
6.3 Soloists would stand nearer to the device according to the instruments importance
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