The strange situation

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Created by rachbreen over 6 years ago
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The strange situation
1 Ainsworth and Bell (1974)
1.1 How does a child behave towards strangers and caregivers in controlled conditions
1.2 Mother and child enter room
1.2.1 Mother responds to child if they seek it Stranger enters, talks to mother, mother leaves Stranger lets child play Mother enters room and stranger leaves Mother does not approach child Repeated
1.3 If at any point the child cant be soothed the experiment is over.
1.4 They found three main attachment types
1.4.1 Secure Resistant insecure Avoidant insecure dont mind separation, avoid contact on return, willing to explore Distressed at separation, clingy on return, unwilling to explore Explore, wary of stranger but easy to soothe, welcome mom back
2 Evaluate
2.1 Demand characteristics as unfamiliar setting
2.2 Assumes etic
2.2.1 Westernised children left alone for periods of time, ugandan not
2.3 Easy to replicate
2.3.1 Making it reliable
2.4 Incorrect to assume insecure attachment is maladaptive

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