J.S.Bach Brandenburg.

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Information on J.S.Bach's Brandenburg No.2, 1st Movement

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J.S.Bach Brandenburg.
1 Introduction
1.1 Set of 6 Concertos
1.2 'Concerti Grossi' because of accompanyinh 'Ripieno' (Mainly strings and continuo)
1.3 Combined with a select group of soloists, the 'concertino'.
1.4 Bach oved working with the form of Three movement compositions
1.5 Note: numbers 3+6 DO NOT have any solo instruments.
1.6 Musical Elements
1.6.1 Form 'Quasi Ritornello no clear cut distinction between 'Ripieno' and 'Concertino'. Both sections seem to play most of the time (tutti) 'Ritornello' is a series of short themes reappearing (rondo-like) in various keys, with soloists (the concertino) playing episodes in between.
1.6.2 Structure Rit = Ritornello Con = Concertino Bar 1-8, (Rit 1), F Major Bar 9-10, (Con 1), F Major Bar 11-12, (Rit 2), F Major Bar 13-14, (Con 2), F Major Bar 15-16, (Rit 3), C Major Bar 17-18, (Con 3), C Major Bar 19-20, (Rit 4), C Major Bar 21-22, (Con 4), C Major Bar 23-28, (Rit 5), C Major Bar 29-30, (Con 5), F Major Bar 31-39, (Rit 6), D Minor Bar 40-59, (Rit 7), D Minor-C Major-F Major-Bb Major Bar 60-67, (Con 7), G Minor-Eb Major Bar 68-83, (Rit 8), C Minor-G Minor Bar 84-93, (Con 8), G Minor-D Minor-A Minor Bar 94-118, (Rit 9/10), A Minor-F Major
1.6.3 Texture Mainly Dense Many examples of various motifs interacting simultaneously
1.6.4 Tonality Home Key: F Major Occasionally Minor: e.g. Bar 68 - C minor; Bar 88 - D minor Examples of Modulations C Major (Dominant) D minor (Relative minor) Bb Major (Sub-dominant) Eb Major (Flattened Leading Note) C minor (Dominant minor) G minor (Supertonic) A minor (Mediant minor)
1.6.5 Harmony Diatonic Dominant 7th (root position) (Con 7- 51) Dominant 7th 4/2 (third inversion) (52) Major triad 6/3 (First inversion) (72)
1.6.6 Techniques + Devices Rising Sequence (bars 96-97) OBOE Sequence (bars 33-34) FLUTE Sequence (bars 76-79) SOLO TRUMPET Falling sequence (bars 77-79) VIOLA Syncopation (bar 50-55; 107-112) VIOLIN 1 - ripieno Cadences: Perfect (bar 8;28;39;83;93) Imitation (bar 96-98) SOLO VIOLIN + FLUTE Arpeggio based (bar 1-2) TRUMPET Reduced instrumentation (bar 60-67) Concertino + continuo
1.6.7 Instrmentation Concertino Soloists Tromba: Trumpet ( no valves in Bach's Day). Written a 4th lower that the sound. Flauto: (Flute a bec): Recorder Oboe Violino: Violin Ripieno Violin I Violin II Viola Cello Double Bass Harpsichord/ Cembalo continuo
1.6.8 Score Indications Tasto Solo: (bar 102-103): Harpsichord, play the notes without filling in harmonies. all unisono: Cello/Bass and Harpsichord play in unison.
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