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A mind map of FLVS's World History lesson number 1.05: The Byzantines

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1 The Byzantines thrive, the Roman Empire falls
1.1 The Byzantines thrived
1.1.1 Powerful army
1.2 The Western Roman Empire struggled
1.2.1 Series of invasions
1.2.2 Declining economy
1.2.3 Poor leadership
1.2.4 Germanic prince Odoacer overthrows Emperor Romulus Agustulus in 476 AD Established Germanic kingoms in Western Rome Roman Catholic Church became powerful in the West
2 The Byzantines continued Roman laws and traditions
2.1 Emperor Justinian codified Roman laws
2.2 Preserved knowledge
2.2.1 Ancient Greek culture and history
2.2.2 Ancient Roman culture and history
2.2.3 Maintained libraries
2.2.4 Established schools
2.3 Combined Roman culture with aspects of many other cultures
2.3.1 Most Byzantines were Greek Mix of others also lived in the empire North Africans Arabs Persians Turks
2.3.2 Combined different architectural styles
3 Christianity
3.1 Authority over the Catholic Church
3.1.1 Byzantine Empire Emperor has authority over the Catholic Church
3.1.2 Western Roman Empire King and church leaders are separate King answers to the pope
3.2 Constantine the Great
3.2.1 Recognized Christianity as legal Often credited with converting the Byzantine Empire to Christianity
3.3 Helped unify the Byzantine Empire's diverse population
3.4 Western and Eastern Byzantine churches split over their differences
3.4.1 The Iconoclasm Controversy Icons VS Iconoclasts The use of icons received great support from John of Damascus Believed that veneration of icons wouldn't become idolatry Saw icons as visual reminders of biblical stories Iconoclasts disapproved of the use of icons Believed the creation of icons is done out of "sinful love of gain" Man isn't worthy to create images of God Saw veneration of icons as idolatry
3.4.2 Use of leavened or unleavened bread
3.4.3 Whether Rome and Constantinople were equally important
3.4.4 Byzantine emperor's authority VS pope's authority over the church
3.4.5 Great Schism of 1054 Eastern Orthodox Church dominates the East St. Cyril creates the Cyrillic alphabet Translates the Bible into the Slavonic language using this alphabet Spreads Christianity and Byzantine influence outside the empire Roman Catholic Church dominates the West
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