ICT - Scenario 2

Evangeline Taylor
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Evangeline Taylor
Created by Evangeline Taylor over 5 years ago
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ICT - Scenario 2
1 Pros and Cons of Paper based forms
1.1 Pros
1.1.1 Definitely fill the form out
1.1.2 Technicians will be their with any concern
1.2 Cons
1.2.1 Technician may affect the answer by being there (interview effect)
1.2.2 Cost
1.2.3 Lots of time putting on the computer database
1.2.4 Handwriting
1.2.5 Grammar/spelling
2 Pros and Cons of Online based forms
2.1 Cons
2.1.1 Spelling
2.1.2 Not everyone got internet connection
2.2 Pros
2.2.1 Validation
2.2.2 Automatic to be put on the database
2.2.3 Writing always clear
2.2.4 Verification
3 Moral and Ethnical Issues
3.1 If you work is monitored
3.1.1 Lack of privates
3.1.2 Underrated
3.1.3 Unethical in general
4 Look at Data Protection Act
5 Health and Safety
5.1 Strain and stress
5.1.1 Got to do the job, being monitor, has to let his boss know when he done Mental his is at risk

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