Carbon Cycle

Yoonju Julie Jung
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8 Science (The Carbon Cycle) Mind Map on Carbon Cycle, created by Yoonju Julie Jung on 05/13/2013.

Yoonju Julie Jung
Created by Yoonju Julie Jung over 6 years ago
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Carbon Cycle
1 Producers
1.1 Plants
1.2 make own food molecules
1.2.1 during the process of photosynthesis need sunlight and carbon dioxide release oxygen as a by-product
1.3 food for consumers
2 Consumers
2.1 eat producers
2.1.1 change it to energy with oxygen
2.2 waste products
2.2.1 water
2.2.2 carbon dioxide
2.3 cannot MAKE their own food
3 Decomposers
3.1 take carbon compounds from dead organisms

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