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A Level: English language and literature techniques = Structure
Jessica 'JessieB
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
K d
To Kill A Mockingbird GCSE English
Social Psychology, Milgram (1963)
Robyn Chamberlain
1PR101 2.test - Část 20.
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History- Home Front WW1
Using GoConqr to study English literature
Sarah Egan
New English Literature GCSE
Sarah Egan
Using GoConqr to teach English literature
Sarah Egan
English Language Techniques
1 Porphyria's Lover
1.1 strong/forceful
1.1.1 'she put her arm about my waist'
1.1.2 'made my cheek lie there'
1.2 supernatural/spiritual force
1.2.1 'she was come through wind and rain'
1.2.2 'glided in'
1.2.3 'she shut the cold out'
1.3 fragmentation
1.3.1 'yellow hair displaced'
1.3.2 'smooth white shoulder bare'
1.3.3 'eyes/Happy and proud'
1.4 synecdoche
1.4.1 'laughed the blue eyes'
1.4.2 'smiling little rosy head'
2 My Last Duchess
2.1 objectification
2.1.1 'that's my last Duchess painted on the wall'
2.1.2 'Fra Pandolf by design'
2.2 synecdoche
2.2.1 'a heart.. to soon made glad'
2.3 wild animals
2.3.1 'Notice Neptune.../Taming a sea-horse'
3 Bishop Orders His Tomb
3.1 objectification
3.1.1 'Old Gandolf envied me'
3.1.2 'how I earned the prize!'
3.1.3 'mistresses with great smooth marbly limbs'
3.1.4 'so fair she was!'
3.2 fragmented
3.2.1 (eyes) 'glitter like your mother's for my soul'
4 Love Among The Ruins
4.1 unattainable
4.1.1 'Waits me there/ In the turret'
4.2 fragmented
4.2.1 'a girl with eager eyes and yellow hair/ Waits me there'
4.2.2 'breathless and dumb/ Till I come'
4.3 supernatural/spiritual force
4.3.1 'we extinguish sight and speech'
5 Up at a Villa - Down in the City
5.1 objectification
5.1.1 ''round the lady atop in her conch'
6 A Toccata of Galuppi's
6.1 unattainable
6.1.1 'cheeks so round and lips so red'
6.1.2 'were you happy? - Yes. - And are you still as happy? - Yes./And you?'
6.2 supernatural/spiritual mystery
6.2.1 'to bite her mask's black velvet'
6.3 fragmentation
6.3.1 'Dear dead women with such hair, too - what's become of all the gold?'
6.3.2 'on her neck the small face buoyant, like a bell-flower on its bed'
7 Two in Campagna
7.1 unattainable
7.1.1 'I wonder do you feel today/ As I have felt since'
7.1.2 'Took up the floating weft'
7.1.3 'I would that you were all to me'
7.2 objectified
7.2.1 'I pluck the rose'
7.3 supernatural/spiritual force
7.3.1 'your soul's warmth'
8 Love in a Life/Life in a Love
8.1 unattainable
8.1.1 'I hunt the house through'
8.1.2 'she goes out as I enter'
8.1.3 'me the loving and you the loth'
8.2 supernatural/spiritual force
8.2.1 'as she brushed it, the cornice-wreath/blossomed anew'
9 A Woman's Last Word
9.1 strong/forceful
9.1.1 'Be a god and hold me/With a charm!/ Be a man and fold me/With thine arm!'
9.1.2 'teach me, only teach, Love!'
9.2 unattainable
9.2.1 'laying fresh and spirit/In thy hands' 'That shall be to-morrow/Not to night'
10 Women and Roses
10.1 supernatural/spiritual force
10.1.1 'Round and round, like a dance of snow/In a dazzling drift '
10.1.2 'thy cup's heart nectar-brimmed'
10.2 objectification
10.2.1 'they circle their rose on my rose tree'
10.2.2 'which of the roses three/Is the dearest rose to me?'
10.3 form - very constructed rhyming couplets and use of refrain
10.3.1 rhyming couplets mirror the perfection of the women
10.3.2 dance like feel in the longer stanza - pattern of alternating iambic and trochaic
10.4 unattainable
10.4.1 'How shall I fix you, fire you, freeze you/Break my heart at your feet to please you?'

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