AS PLC Section 3

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Created by amyg367 over 6 years ago
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AS PLC Section 3
1 Tyres
1.1 Italy
1.2 Agnelli Tyres
1.3 Make 30 million tyre's a year
1.4 They could use another tyre producer
1.5 There worried about the increase in competition
2 Engines
2.1 UK
3 Headlamps
3.1 Mexico
4 Leather seats
4.1 Spain
5 Wheels
5.1 Taiwan
5.2 Bought from Jensing Wheels
5.3 Makes a range of different wheels
5.4 There are a lot of other produces of this wheel that AS PLC can buy from
6 Disc brakes
6.1 Poland
6.2 The design is unique
6.3 Only one producer at present
6.4 Polish firm Dunajec Engineering
6.5 Use a just in time method of stock control
6.6 They consider every 2 years there suppliers. They review price quality and guarantee of delivery.
7 Radiators
7.1 Germany
8 Body panels
8.1 China
8.2 AS PLC own this business in China which makes the body panels
8.3 They raised the money to buy the Chinese business by selling additional share on the stock markets

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