AS PLC Section 1

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AS PLC Section 1
1 At the end of 2011 the announced its best sales figures ever.
2 BRIC- Brazil, Russia, India and China
3 Cars sold well in the BRIC countries in this year
4 The increase of sales was put down to the continued growth in these developing economies which have seen a strong rise in employment.
5 Cars are expensive and, because only a limited number are produced, they are seen as 'special'.
6 AS PLC cars are seen to be expensive and exclusive and buying these is a way in which the rich in the BRIC countries can 'show off' their wealth.
7 The sales and profits of AS PLC also rose in the UK, but not by as much as in the BRIC countries.
8 The UK economy was experiencing very slow growth in 2011.
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