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Mind Map for 3030
1 How can I make the child more interested in practicing English in the classroom?
1.1 have students partner share
1.1.1 have them pair up with someone who only speaks English
1.1.2 make sure they are sharing what they wrote in English
1.1.3 have them share with more than one person
1.2 have students move tables occasionally so they are not always with the same students
1.2.1 my DLL student sat with another Korean boy and would only talk to him. If they were separated he would have the chance to other kids in English more
1.2.2 make sure they are sitting different places at lunch sometimes so they interact with different kids in the class
1.3 square up and share as a whole group. If the DLL student is shy about sharing encourage them to speak and help them so they feel more comfortable
1.3.1 have each student have a day to share what they brought in
1.3.2 ask a question to each child in the classroom (what did you do this weekend, what is your favorite restaurant?)
1.3.3 have them play telephone my teacher did this and every kid wanted to play event the DLL student who rarely speaks to the class
1.3.4 have them bring something and make the rest of the class guess what it is the student will be interested in guessing or will want everyone to guess what they brought
1.4 have routine questions you ask or songs you sing so that the child will be comfortable answering after a while
1.4.1 my teacher does spelling words everyday the same way. She asks the same questions about each word (how many letters, do you think its ou or oo, lets count the syllables together)
1.4.2 asking what the want for lunch everyday go down the roll and ask each student what they want. Helps them practice speaking in front of the class
1.4.3 asking what center they want to go to ask where they want to go and what they want to do. Then they can come back and reflect afterwards
1.5 reading one on one or in small groups
1.5.1 do running records with the child
1.5.2 put them in a group and have them do partner reads or group read aloud
2 How does funds of knowledge influence making connections?
2.1 find books that your student can relate to
2.1.1 get to know the student and his likes/ dislike
2.1.2 recommend books for him/her to read
2.2 get to know your students
2.2.1 home visits
2.2.2 have students do projects about themselves my teacher did star student of the week where she ask them to bring pictures and share facts about themselves and their families
2.2.3 have a family night
2.3 find students that have the same interest as your DLL
2.3.1 have them talk about books they like they can discuss how the relate to the books
2.3.2 working with another student can help them make connections
2.4 plan lessons with topics that of interest to your kids
2.4.1 they will be more interested in learning if they are interested in the topic
2.4.2 they will be able to make connections easier if the topic is interesting or relatable
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