Respiration and the Breathing System

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Respiration and the Breathing System
1 Respiration is the Release of Energy from Food
2 Types of Respiration
2.1 Aerobic Respiration
2.1.1 uses oxygen to release energy from food
2.1.2 releases a large amount of energy
2.1.3 used by most animals and plants
2.1.4 Food + Oxygen → Energy + Carbon Dioxide + Water
2.1.5 Products Carbon Dioxide Water
2.2 Anaerobic Respiration
2.2.1 Does not require the use of oxygen to release energy from food
2.2.2 Releases a small amount of energy
2.2.3 Takes place in a fungus called yeast
2.2.4 Also called fermentation
3 The Human Breathing System


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3.1 Nose
3.1.1 Inhales air
3.2 Larynx
3.2.1 Contains vocal chords which allow speech
3.3 Trachea
3.3.1 made of cartilage
3.3.2 allows air to pass to and from the lungs
3.4 Bronchus
3.4.1 Each bronchus takes air to or from a single lung
3.5 Bronchioles
3.5.1 Carry air to and from the alveoli
3.6 Alveolus
3.6.1 each alveolus exchanges gases with the bloodstream
3.7 Diaphragm
3.7.1 a muscle that moves air in or out of the lungs
4 Differences between Inhaled and Exhaled Air
4.1 Inhaled air contains:
4.1.1 more oxygen than exhaled air 21% v. 16%
4.1.2 less carbon dioxide than exhaled air 0.04% v. 4%
4.1.3 Less water vapour than exhaled air
4.1.4 same nitrogen concentration as exhaled air
5 The Effects of Smoking
5.1 Damages the health of the baby in the womb
5.2 Increases mucous in breathing system
5.3 Leads to more lung infections
5.4 Causes lung (and other) cancers
5.5 Increases the risk of heart attacks
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