Glycolysis 1

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A-Levels Biology a2/2 (Respiration) Mind Map on Glycolysis 1, created by ZC_ on 05/13/2013.

Created by ZC_ over 6 years ago
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Glycolysis 1
1 the splitting of glucose to produce pyruvate
1.1 requires glucose, ATP,ADP,Pi and NAD+
1.1.1 Produces NADH+H+ and ATP
2 For every molecule of glucose, two molecules of ATP are used initially.
2.1 Four molecules of ATP are produced. so there is a net production of two
2.1.1 this occurs in both aerobic and anaerobic respiration
3 during aerobic respiration, additional energy is available from NAD
3.1 2 NADH produced
3.1.1 electrons must pass into the mitochondrion to produce more ATP by oxidative phosphylation
3.2 2 molecules of pyruvate per glucose

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