Extinction & Speciation

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Facts about Extinction & Speciation. Comment below if this helps you:)

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Extinction & Speciation
  1. Extinction happens if you can't evolve quickly enough
    1. Many species that don't exist any more
      1. Can be said to be extinct
      2. Reason why species become extinct
        1. 1) Environment change
          1. 2) New Predator
            1. 3) New Disease
              1. 4) They can't compete with another (new) species for food
                1. 5) Catastrophic event (i.e Volcano eruption)
                  1. 6) New species development
                  2. Isolation and natural selection lead to speciation
                    1. Speciation is the development of a new species
                    2. Isolation is where populations of a species are separated

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