Stock control and order processing


KS4 ICT Mind Map on Stock control and order processing, created by Matthew Stentiford on 04/29/2017.
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Matthew Stentiford
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Stock control and order processing
  1. Stock control system
    1. EPOS system collects inputted data
      1. Real-time transation processes every sale immidiately
        1. stock levels adjusted
          1. orders for new goods are automatically sent to the supplier without human interaction
        2. batch processing system
          1. stock master file has info on every sold and bought product
            1. has a re-order level where if the stock drops below it new stock needs to be ordered
              1. when ever an item is sold a record is created and stored in a transaction file
                1. end of each day the transaction file is used to update the stock master file
                  1. each record of the stock master file is input/adjusted/stored in a new stock master file
                    1. reports of all goods that need reordering is output
        3. Billing systems
          1. tasks
            1. keep records or all goods/services purchased by cutomers
              1. keep accurate record containing customer details
                1. produce accurate bills for customers regularly
                  1. print transaction statements
                    1. process payments recieved
                      1. update company accounts
            2. Data capture
              1. master file = database
                1. customer account file contains their details
                  1. Transaction file contains all purchases/services that need billing
                    1. turnaround document (electrical meter reader) = outputs form that is read by an OCR/OMR to input data
                      1. validation techniques used to make sure the data is sensible
              2. Processing
                1. Master file is updated at the end of a time period
                  1. Invoices printed/sent to customers
                    1. reports output for account department to keep track of companies finances
                      1. how much customers owe
                        1. billing systems = batch-processing system
              3. Artificial intelligence
                1. robot with a human brain
                  1. uses
                    1. Chess-playing games
                      1. systems that read handwriting and understand speech
                        1. systems that recognise faces/objects
                          1. systems that ID peoples walking patterns and duduce their intentions
                    2. Expert systems
                      1. takes place of human expert of a topic
                        1. help miners ID metals/gold
                          1. large database of knowledge
                            1. quickly find info
                              1. interface engine = data input to which it used its knowledge base to make decisions
                                1. can be used in medicine instead of asking doctors the computer will ask questions and identify your diagnosis
                      2. Advantages
                        1. Contained more knowledge than humans could remember
                          1. never gets facts wrong
                            1. never retire
                              1. rather use a computer than talk to a person
                          2. disadvantages
                            1. some people prefer personal touch when discussing their issues
                              1. Expensive to buy and install
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