Woman in Black style of writing

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Woman in Black style of writing
1 First person
1.1 Written so reader can see it from his point of view
1.2 Reader can see the story grown
1.3 Can see Alice and Jennet's point of view when Arthur goes through the letters
2 Pathetic Fallacy
2.1 The weather often reflects the mood/human emotions of the characters.
2.2 Sea frets, mists and howling winds add to Arthurs fears when he's at Eel Marsh House.
2.3 ‘My spirits have for many years now been excessively affected by the ways of the weather.’
2.3.1 From the begining we learn the weathers important to Arthur
2.4 London fog known as 'London Peasouper’
2.5 Weather sets the tone for Arthurs journey to Crythin Gifford
3 Imagery
3.1 Creates image in readers mind
3.2 Metaphore
3.2.1 Something is something else
3.2.2 That great cavern of a railway station’ (pg. 33) is like saying that King’s Cross Station is an enormous cave.
3.3 Simile
3.3.1 compares something by saying it is AS or LIKE something else
3.3.2 ‘It was a mist like a damp, clinging cobwebby thing.’ (pg. 85) Saying the mist attached itself to Arthur like a cobweb.
3.4 Personification
3.4.1 Gives human qualities to something not human
3.4.2 ‘The wind will blow itself out and take the rain off it by morning,’ (pg. 35) Samuel Daily says to Arthur making the wind and rain sound almost like a human couple.
4 Foreshadowing
4.1 Hill gives clues to the reader that suggest ideas/themes or things that might happen later in the story
4.2 Lots in the opening chapter which hints to the reader that the novel will feature supernatural events
4.3 “I was then thirty-five and I had been a widower for the past twelve years. I had no taste at all for social life and, although in good general health, was prone to occasional nervous illnesses and conditions, as a result of the experiences I will come to relate.” (pg. 4)
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