Chapter 7. Work, energy and power

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Chapter 7. Work, energy and power in physics G481

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Chapter 7. Work, energy and power
  1. Doing work, transferring energy
    1. Factors for doing work
      1. The size of the force F - bigger the force, greater work
        1. The distance travelled x - Further distance, more work
        2. Work done = force x distance moved in direction of force
          1. W=Fx
            1. Work in Nm (Newton metres) or J (Joules)
              1. Work Done = Energy transferred
                1. If F at angle theta to direction of motion then W = FxCos(theta)
                2. Change in GPE = Weight x Change in height
                  1. Ep = mgh
                  2. Faster an object, greater kinetic energy
                    1. Kinetic energy = 0.5 x mass x speed^2
                      1. Ek = 0.5mv^2
                    2. If no energy is lost during energy transfer then Change in GPE = Change in KE
                      1. mgh = 0.5mv^2
                    3. Energy transfers and conservation
                      1. Energy efficiency = (Useful output energy / Total input energy) x 100%
                        1. Sankey diagram can represent energy transfer
                          1. Conservation of energy - The total energy at the beginning = Total energy at the end in a closed system
                          2. Power
                            1. Power is the rate at which work is done
                              1. P = W / t
                                1. Power measured in Watts (W) (Joules per second)
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