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1 Luminous Objects
1.1 Sources of Light
1.2 Visible because produce light
1.3 Examples
1.3.1 Torch
1.3.2 Sun
1.3.3 Firefly
2 Non-luminous objects
2.1 Examples
2.1.1 Glass
2.1.2 Moon
2.1.3 Reflective Jacket
2.2 Only visible by reflectiong light
3 Light travels in every direction from a source
4 Lasers
4.1 Special light source
4.2 produces ray of light= in one direction
5 Speed of Light
5.1 In vacuum
5.1.1 c=300 000 km/s
5.2 In air slightly less
5.3 In more denser objects much less
6 Shadows
6.1 formed when....
6.1.1 light travels in straight line
6.1.2 when light is partially blocked by an opaque object
6.2 Types of Object
6.2.1 Transparent eg glass light passes through
6.2.2 Translucent eg paper light is scattered
6.2.3 Opaque object eg metal light absorbed leaving shadow
6.2.4 look in book if need diagrams
7 Point sources
7.1 light from very small point
7.2 produces sharp shadow
7.3 look in book if diagram needed
8 Umbras + Penumbras
8.1 extended source of light (eg sun, striplight)
8.1.1 produces 2 types of shadow behind an opaque object umbra 100% of source is blocked Dark shadow penumbra 0%-100% of source is blocked Fuzzy shadow look in book for diagram if needed
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