Relative Formula Mass

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GSCE Chemistry (2a) Mind Map on Relative Formula Mass, created by Evangeline Taylor on 05/14/2014.

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Evangeline Taylor
Created by Evangeline Taylor over 5 years ago
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Relative Formula Mass
1 Relative Formula Mass = Ar
1.1 It turns out that the relative atomic mass, Ar is usually just the same as the mass number of an element.
2 In the periodic table, the elements all have two numbers. The smaller one is atomic number (How many protons it has)
2.1 But the bigger one is the mass number or relative atomic mass
3 Relative Formula Mass = Mr
3.1 If you have a compound like ‘MgCl²
3.2 Then it has a relative mass, Mr, Which is just all the relative atomic masses added together.For MgCl² it would be: 24 + (35.5 x 2) = 95
4 >”One Mole” of a Substance is Equal to its Mr in Grams
4.1 The relative formula mass (Ar or Mr) of a substance in grams is known as one mole of that substance

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