7.1 DNA Structure and Replication

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7.1 DNA Structure and Replication
  1. DNA Structure
    1. Nature of Science
      1. Rosalind Franklin`s and Maurice Wilkins`investigation of DNA structure by X-ray diffraction
        1. Rosalynd Franklin`s X-ray diffraction provided crucial evidence that DNA is a double helix
      2. Nucleosomes help the supercoil of DNA
        1. Some regions of DNA do not code for proteins but have other important functions
          1. Some regions of DNA do not code for proteins
            1. TOK
              1. Tandem repeats are used in DNA profiling
                1. Junk DNA
                  1. To what extent do the labels and categories used in the pursuit of knowledge affect the knowledge we obtain?
                2. Regulators of gene expression
                  1. Introns
                    1. Telomeres
                      1. Genes for tRNAs
                    2. Histones
                    3. Hershey and Chase experiment
                      1. DNA is the genetic material
                    4. DNA Replication
                      1. DNA polymerase can only add nucleotides to the 3' end of a primer
                        1. Continuous on the leading strand
                          1. Discontinuous on the lagging strand
                            1. Okazaki fragments
                          2. Use of nucleotides containing dideoxyribonucleic acid to stop DNA replication in preparation of samples for base sequencing
                            1. Enzymes and Proteins
                              1. Helicase
                                1. DNA gyrase
                                  1. DNA polymerase I and III
                                    1. Ligase
                                      1. DNA primase
                                        1. Single strand binding proteins
                                        2. Aim 6
                                          1. Design models to illustrate ghe stages of DNA replication
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