Text 17- Nigella's Transcript

Emily Joy
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A-Levels English Mind Map on Text 17- Nigella's Transcript, created by Emily Joy on 05/14/2013.

Emily Joy
Created by Emily Joy over 6 years ago
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Text 17- Nigella's Transcript
1 Contexts of production
1.1 Began to host her own cooking show, not a trained chef or cook
1.2 Known for her flirtatious manor of presenting in a relaxed environment
1.3 Inspirers women to be 'domestic goddesses' and encourages men to watch by her appearence
1.4 Purpose is to entertain, inform and pursade the audience of the delights of cooking
1.5 Throughout the text she uses a variety of lexis to entertain the audience and perusade them in a relxed environment that cooking is easy and chilled
2 Form and Structure
2.1 Follows transcript conventions through the use of italics and the key
2.2 Block text suggests someone is talking
2.3 Written in first person, from Nigella's point of view, first person pronoun I, as she connects with the audience, we hear about her worries her hopes and dislikes, almost making an elaboriately staged performance as there are so many hyperbolic expressions 'I Love'
2.4 Uses conversational language, such as 'OK' and discourse markers such as 'anyway' and elison'gonna'
2.5 'Breakfast Bruschetta' use of ellipses suggests incompletion- needs the moving image to go with it
2.6 Talks about various types of breakfasts; ones she has in her books and series, then describes why she has this specific beakfast, before moving into the step by step guide.
3 Sound patterning and word choice
3.1 Use of alliteration re creates the sound of food cooking and reflects her sexy image, 'first thing frittata party' sounds crafted
3.2 Simple phrases like 'i'm making it because i love it' contrast against these mroe crafted phrases
3.3 The variety of lexis is entertaining and she is able to conjure images in the viewers mind to 'sell' her recipie
3.4 DIrect communication with the audience throughout with the second person pronoun of 'you'- makes the audience a friend
4 Audience is viewers of the television show, aimed towards working parents or adults, trying to make cooking seem fun and easy

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