Text 6- Glory Glory be to chocolate

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Text 6- Glory Glory be to chocolate
1 Contexts of production
1.1 Contemporary poem, 1997
1.2 Purpose to entertain, and to celebrate chocolate, to persuade the reader that its something that should be enjoyed without feeling guilty about.
1.3 Epigraph ironically taken from a diet book, explaining that chocolate is a requirement for women
2 Structure and Form
2.1 Starts with the epigraph which supports the poems overall message
2.2 Short stanzas, combining aspects about sin and good, it leaves the reader contemplating both the naughty and nice aspects of the poem, deciding finally he is correct
2.3 Formal regester, references to religious lexis 'eves blessing', refers to evolution and creationism
2.4 Excitment created within the powem through the use of alliteration 'twinkle at the tongue' entices the reader to carry on reading, anticipating whats next
2.5 First person narrative, suggests a strong personal opinion
3 Word choice and grammar
3.1 Religious lexis- he belives chocolate should almost be worshipped
3.2 'Naugty but Nice' tells the audience that despite it being an indulgance, it's something that is natural- confirmed by the epigraph
3.3 Parenthasis refers to Salman Rushdie who's writing was naughty but nice
3.4 Caesura used at the end of the first stanza, influencing the reader to pause before carrying on, allows them to think about what has been said
3.5 Enjambment is used symbolising the whole idea of chocolate is too much to handle, can't control the need and punctuation would ruin the beauty of its description
4 Imagery and Symbolism
4.1 Pre modifying adjectives such as 'mouth- watering bars' emphsasis the glory of the chocolate, allows the audience to use their imagination through thr graphic description
4.2 'Divine Barbaric' is an oxymoron that shows the dual nature of chocolate being naugty but nice. Symbolises the juxtaposition of the angel being divine, and the devel, barbaric. 'cinnamon- flavoured little imps' again shows this cinnamon being inviting adn the imps representing sin
4.3 Throughout the poem a constant tone of temptation is heard, frm the contrast in the naughty but nice. A poem of worship to chocolae, looks down upon those who won't eat it.
5 Audience
5.1 Adults who are fans of the poet and the genre
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