The Kyrios

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The Kyrios
  1. Kyrios= man of the house (husband)
    1. responsible for earning the money and keeping the family fed
      1. might have a farm outside the city
        1. would oversea cultivation and supervise slaves
          1. may provide food for family and could sell food for profit
          2. Some engaged in trades like pottery and carpentry
            1. responsible for promoting the name of his family in public life
              1. speaking in the assembly
                1. hosting a good dinner party
                  1. move up social and political heiracrhy giving family benefits
                2. had full responsibility over all family members and property
                  1. had final say on matters such as whether a new born child should live and whom a daughter should marry
                    1. a patriachal society- like elizabethan england where fathers could decide who a daughter married
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