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"energetic action delighted caesar who soon formed a high estimate of augustus' character" S8
"imperium" RG 1.2
"shouldered the eagle..for some time" S10
" niger goes as far as to assert... dispatched hirtius with his own hand" S11
"contemptously" called "the boy" S12
"showed no clemency to enemies" S13 contrast to RG 3 "spared the lives of all those who asked for mercy"
"drove into exile the murderers of my father" "twice defeated them in battle" RG 2
"same answer to all who sued for pardon" "you must die" "300 prisoners offered on the ides of march...altar of divius julius... human sacrifices" S 15
" i made the sea peaceful and freed it from pirates" RG 25.1
" celbrated 2 ovations" RG 4
" whole of italy of its own free will swore allegiance to me and demanded me as leader in this war" RG 25.2
"championed the liberty of the republic when it was oppressed by the tyranny of a faction " RG 1.1
closes the gates of the temple of janus- "while i was leading citezen" S mention 22 RG 13
400 sesterces to plebs- "from booty of war" RG 15
veterans settled in colonies " 1000 sesterces out of booty" RG 15.3
"remitted the 35000 lb of aurum coronariam contributed by the municipia and colonies of italy to my triumph" RG 21
"priveleged enough to hold a census" S 27
" i carried out a census of the people anad performed a llustrum" RG 8
"swolen by a coarse and ungainly crowd" S 35
" i transfered the republic from my power to the dominion of the senate and people of rome" RG 34
"romulus" S 7
"civic crown" "wreathed with bay leaves" "a golden shield was set in the curia julia" RG 34
"i excelled all in influence" "possessed no more official power than others" RG 34.3
campaigns in "cantabria" and "dalmatia" S 20
caepio and murena- " certain cospiracies detected before dangerous" S 19
"increased the property qualification.. made good shortfall" S 41
"encouraged sons of senators to familiarize themselves with public administration" S 38
"reviewing business that would later be put before the senate as a whole" S 35
"quorum for passing degrees" S35
"no more than twice a month" "singled speakers out arbitrarily" S 35
handed out "vouches for a 4mth supply of grain, three times a year" S 40
offices- "dealing with the distribution of grain to the people" S 37
"reliance discouraged italian agriculture" "means of ingratiating themselves with the people" S 42
"I made distributions of grain.. from my own granary.. sometimes to 100,000 persons" RG 18
" bandit infested" roads "workmens guilds" S 32
" to watch for fires" "cleared the tiber" "as as precaution against floods" "divided the city into districts" S 30
"unworth of its imperial position" "i found rome built of bricks, i leabe it clothed in marble" S 28
"restored eighty-two temples" RG 20
repaired the via flaminia- "from the city as far as rimini" RG 20.5
"at his own expense" "improving approaches to the city" "putting the other main roads into good condition" S 30
"new offices dealing with the upkeep of public buildings, roads and aqueducts" S37
"marcus agrippa has made adequate provision for thirsty citezens by building several aqueducts" S 42
"i brought water from a new spring to the aqueduct called marcia" RG 20.2
" no one before had ever provided so many so different and such splendid shows" S 43
"three in my own name and five in the names of my sons or grandsons" "first to produce the games of mars" "beast hunts of african beasts" RG 22
total amount to treasury/plebs/vets+ 2.4 billion sesterces RG APPENDIX
" i always keep my word" " pack of shameless rascals" "tighten his purse stirngs" S 42
"i porduced the secular games" RG 22.2
"thanksgivings.. to the immortal gods" 2on 55 occasions" RG 4
"supervisor of laws and morals" "not consistent with the customs of our ancestors" RG 6
"pontifex maximus and augur" RG 7
I brought back many exemplary practises of our ancestors" RG 8
"vows undertaken for my health" "have offered prayers,, for my health" RG 9
" name inserted into the hymn of the salii" RG 10
Vestal virgins- "do annual sacrifices on my return" RG 11
"jeered at his effeminacy" "submitted to intercourse as the price of his adoption" "sold his favours to hirtius for 300,000 sesterces" S68
" deflowering young girls" S 71
"the feast of the twelve gods" S 70
" indulging in every sort of vice" S 65
"trained his new sons in the business of government" S 64
agrippa p- "vulgar and brutal" "packed off to surrentum in disgrace" S 65
"indecent haste in marrying livia" S 68
livia- "remained the one woman he truly loved until his death" S 62
" made no war with any people without unjust reasons" S 21 similar to " without waging unjust war on any people" RG 26.3
"my friendship and that of the roman people" RG 26,4
"28 colonies founded by my authority" RG 28
"i conpelled the parthians to restore to me the spoils and standards of three roman arimies" RG 29
"pacification of the alps" RG 26
"conquered the pannonian people" RG 30
" not be tainted by foreign and servile blood" S 40
" preferred to preserve rather than exterminate" RG 3
"temples of honour and virtue" RG 11
" two already in existence could not deal with the great increase in lawsuits" S 29
"raised statues to them in the colonades" S 31
"chariot that had been set there in my honour" RG 35
"pontifex maximus vacated by the death of lepidus" S 31
"teeth were small, few and decayed" "bidy marked by blemishes and hard dry patches" "a limp" S 79
my sons gaius and lucius, of whom fortune bereaved me in their youth" RG 14
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