The children act

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The children act
1 Key content
1.1 Children should be safe and secure.
1.2 Care orders can be given out
1.3 welfare of the child is the most important concern.
1.4 Wherever possible children should be brought up within their own family.
1.5 Children in need and their parents should be supported in the upbringing of their child.
1.6 ensure delays are avoided
1.7 Children should be kept informed about what is happening to them
1.8 Parents will continue to have parental responsibility for their children, even when they do not live with them. They should be kept informed about their children and participate in decision-making, where it concerns their future.
1.9 As the child gets older they can make decisions about their own future.
1.10 Social services can acquire parental responsibility by applying to the courts.
1.11 Children can also be removed into police protection for a period of up to 72hrs.
1.12 Cases should be dealt with asap
1.13 Multidisciplinary approach
1.14 Children should be consulted
2 Examples
2.1 Paramountcy principle
2.2 Children consulted wherever possible
2.3 Stay with wider family circle/parents
2.4 Issues determined as soon as possible
2.5 Working in multidisciplinary teams
2.6 Overall protects welfare of children
2.7 Emergency protection/care orders
3 Strengths
3.1 Children are protected from harm through the 'paramouncy' principle
3.2 Acknowledge the rights of children and protects their welfare
3.3 Children are able to express their preferences and views and these have to be 'listened to'
3.4 Children have 'rights'
3.5 Parents have responsibilities which they must accept
3.6 local authority must work in partnershp with parents
4 Weaknesses
4.1 Time/cost for investigation cases
4.2 Staff shortage
4.3 Children too young to understand their rights
4.4 Young offenders are not offered the same protection as other children
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