Fossil Fuel

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Created by potty over 5 years ago
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Fossil Fuel
1 It takes fossil fuels millions of years to develop.
1.1 Around 90% of our energy comes from fossil fuels.
1.1.1 The energy stored in fossil fuels comes from the sun.
1.1.2 Africa produces 5% of the worlds coal, most is produced in South Africa.
2 Fossil fuels are non renewable which means it will run out eventually and humans cant make it
2.1 Fossil fuels are formed by dead animals and plants being pushed togeter at the bottom of the ocean over millions of years
2.1.1 All fossil fuels are made up of Hydrocarbons. Coal, oil and gas are all fossil fuels.
2.2 The opposite to Fossil fuels is renewable enegy such as wind power and Hydroelectric power.
3 when fossil fuels are burned they release unhealthy toxins which we breath in.
3.1 Fossil fuels when burned produce Carbon Dioxide which is a greenhouse gas.

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