First aid & Handling (dog)


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First aid & Handling (dog)
  1. Wounds
    1. treatment for shock
      1. keep them calm
        1. prevent heat loss
          1. prevent blood loss
            1. constant supervision DRABC
              1. call vet
              2. remove debris
                1. clip hair & flush wound (1/2 teaspoon of salt and a litre of cool boiled water)
                2. dress wound with non-fluffy tea towel
                  1. or sterile dressing
                    1. use a waterproof coating?
                  2. Fractures
                    1. BE CAREFUL - animal is in pain and may bite
                      1. PRIORITISE - there may be more life threating injurys
                        1. OPEN FRACTURE - cover with clean sterile dressing & apply pressure to stop haemorrage
                          1. IMMOBILISE - the joints above and below the fracture ( should be ridgid and comfy)
                            1. CAREFUL - not to restict blood flow with tight dressings
                            2. Handling
                              1. avoid direct eye contact
                                1. lower your body position (less threatening)
                                  1. encourage with food and soothing voice
                                    1. slip lead avoids dog escaping - avoid pulling or dragging though
                                      1. if outwarly aggressive may need the use of a dog catcher and directly into a large cage
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