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Maths Mindmap
  1. Probability
    1. Possibility of die (1 2 3 4 5 6)
      1. Playing Cards
        1. Uses fractions to represent chance or probability of something
        2. Integers
          1. Roman Numerals
            1. The computer number system
              1. Fibonacci Numbers
                1. Pascal's Triangle
                2. Angles
                  1. Parellel Line
                    1. Transversal
                      1. Corresponding, alternate and cointerior angles
                        1. Acute(0-89), right(90), obtuse(91-179), straight(180), reflex(181-359), revolution(360)
                          1. Geometrical Features- angle ABC,vertex B, ray BD, segment AB, line BE, collinear points
                            1. Complementary Supplementary
                            2. Fraction, decimals, percentages
                              1. Fractions
                                1. Equivalent Fractions
                                  1. Mixed Fractions
                                    1. Improper Fractions
                                  2. Decimals
                                    1. Decimal to Percentage=multiply by 100 Percentage to Decimal=divide by 100
                                      1. Percentages
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