How far did British society change 1939-1975 (Part 3)


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How far did British society change 1939-1975 (Part 3)
  1. Why immigrants came from the Caribben
    1. About 10,000 West Indies fought for Britain in WW2 , many with permanent jobs
      1. Previous immigrants had success there, returning workers very positive about their experiences in Britian
        1. Unemployment in Caribbean major problem, hurricanes devastated Jamaica 1944 and 1951
          1. British culture was impressive, education system and industry widely respected
            1. In 1954, 24,000 West Indies arrived in Britain, by 1958, 115,000 immigrants from Caribbean in Britain
            2. East Asian immigrants from Africa
              1. Most Asians immigrated due to persecution, 20,000 came to Britain
                1. In 1972, President of Uganda expelled 50,000 Asians, many coming to Britain
                2. East Asian immigrants from India and Pakistan
                  1. Most came to Britain or economic reasons
                    1. Many Sikhs served for British army in India, so employment options in Britain appealed to them
                      1. Many also let after violence and unrest between different groups after Indian independence in 1947
                      2. Experiences of immigrants in Britain
                        1. Decent accommodation difficult to obtain
                          1. Immigrants needed to live 5 years in Britain before applying for council housing
                            1. Banks often refused loans to immigrants
                              1. Many pubs and bars refused to serve immigrants
                                1. Trade unions claimed that immigrants were taking British jobs
                                2. Contribution of immigrants to British society
                                  1. Individuals - Sybil Phoenix lived in poverty then set up a youth group, given an award for her community work and became mayor of Lewisham
                                    1. Public services - one third of all doctors in NHS born overseas
                                      1. The economy - contribution by paying taxes, some specialise in special businesses becoming successful
                                        1. Culture - they have enriched British society, Chines, Indian food and restuarants
                                          1. Music and dance - Reggae, Bollywood, and events such as the Notting Hill Carnival
                                            1. Religion - well established faiths in many parts of Britain played role in the multi-culture of Britain
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