How would you select a soup product?

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How would you select a soup product?
1 How do they look for...?
1.1 Search bar types in 'soup'
1.1.1 on the search bar I'd look up soup (p1)
1.1.2 I'll search for soup (types in soup) (S) Then I'd just scroll down and look (S) simply based on small image picture of product in a list I might refine it a bit if I wanted just Morrisons, just go for the brand (, on the left hand side, expect I can't see it. I'll go for everyday soups because that's morrisons isn't it.S) attempts to use navigation to refine search I wouldn't always do that, I might just browse if I was wanting a general shop (S) Not normal process
1.1.3 I'd just put it into....the search engine and just look (JC)
1.1.4 I might just put in Heinz soup first to save time, Because I'm one about (soc) saving time I hate shopping (JC) Time saving- associated with search process used
1.1.5 I would "find a product" ,...and I would look at the soups (J)
1.1.6 well I can't see anywhere where it says healthy option basically. So if I can't see healthy option, I'll have to find another page what said healthy option, so let me go down...(RESPORTS TO SCROLLING DOWN) tries to refine by healthy option- cannot find navigation
1.1.7 so to find a product, I'm going to put in erm, what kind of soup, or let's just go for general soups (SL)
1.1.8 I will put in soup (DM)
1.2 initial soup findings
1.2.1 Navigate using menus etc. ...Browse shop, then down to find soups and sauces (JG) go down to soups and sauces from the browse shop (DJ) I normally get Hienz , I' don't know here it is, sort by favourites (reads)....product name (reading) (S)
1.3 First I'd go to orders, normally, so I'd use a previous order (DJ)
1.3.1 shop for items routinely. same items ordered.
1.4 If I didn't already have it already added on to my favourites, Id just put it on to the search engine and have a look (JC)
2 What information is used/considered?
2.1 If it's a product not one which i've bought before, I'd probably look at the product information (JG)
2.1.1 THEME: New product information explored in constrast to usual products (no suggestion of looking further)
2.1.2 Calories as I say, I'd look at...I'd usually look to see if there's too much salt or sugar in it ..A.... I'm trying to do a low carbohydrate diet so I'd look as to how many carbohydrates were in a product (JC) Dietary objectives
2.2 (hoover 's over item image) so it tells me the offer price (JC)"
2.3 (refers to looking at PI) probably not for soup but for other
2.3.1 Item type determines if specific PI looked at.
2.4 The first criteria would be flavour...which we like (P1)
2.4.1 A brand we've used before(P1) brand familarity
2.4.2 Flavour as a key decision factor
2.5 Its a good price (P1)
2.5.1 Price confirms decision is good
2.6 If it was one I knew, which would be the Heinz soup, I would add it (S)
2.6.1 familiar with brand - no other information checked
2.7 If I wanted minestrone...I'd click on ....and see what information it gives me (DJ)
2.7.1 er just price really. And how many servings. its say 5 a day that's going to encourage me. I could read the reviews (DJ)
2.8 If I want a specific kind, say Heinz soup, I'd put in Heinz soup other wise it will bring up twenty thousand soups and you might not like any of them (JC)
2.9 Sometimes you just look at the offers and then you think oh that;s good if it's on an offer I'll get a few of them cos it'll save me money (JC)
2.9.1 OFFERs as as hort cut to decision making
2.10 And I would look at healthy soups with low in salt and things like that (J)
2.10.1 because you don't want so much salt. I don't want the cream...I wouldn't necessarily go for the home brand, I would probably go for Heinz more because I'm familar with that. even though they're probably made in the same factory their ingredients would be a little better in the real things (J) appears to want to select routinely using nutritional indicators of salt and cream Brand familarity and factory/ingredients quality (as a comparison) it doesn't seem to be any healthy options I would look at the ..erm/..nutritional value on the side of the packet and see which had less sugar and things, salt not sugar..and after than I would just go on flavour (j) suggests looking at nutrition information following failed attempt to refine using health options navigation. REfers to using salt levels to decide, followed by flavoiur prefer. Well you'd have to click and it would come up... there we are hoovers over FOP panel on productimage. uumm I would think...salt is only one gram (J) Tries to interpret salt levels (amber traffic light not referred to) And I would take that one off and look at I can't see the nutritional value in that one. so I probably wouldn't buy that one then 'cos I don't know what's in it. (J) hoovers over FOP location on Heinz. MTL not present. Did not scroll down in full PI wondow to nutrition table. EVEN TOUGH OBJECTIVES VERY FOCUSED ON NUTRITiON
2.10.2 Dietary objective spontaneously mentioned
2.11 Usually it would be something liek pea and ham soup but I might want to try something like what's on offer here like...vegetable (DM)
2.11.1 Usual Flavour driving decision
2.11.2 What is on offer influencing decision
2.12 And it says here 7/10 customers would recommend this to friend (DM)
2.12.1 Impact of review or recommendations- noticed udring decision making process
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