Particle Theory

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Particle Theory
1 States of Matter
1.1 Solid
1.1.1 Ice
1.1.2 Strong attractions
1.1.3 Vibrate around fixed position
1.1.4 Volume does not change with pressure
1.2 Liquid
1.2.1 Water
1.2.2 Weaker attractions
1.2.3 Move around and slide past each other (particle movement)
1.2.4 Volume does not change with pressure
1.3 Gas
1.3.1 Water Vapour
1.3.2 Weakest attractions
1.3.3 Particles move freely and fast Collide and bounce randomly Gas is pushed into a smaller volume with increased pressure
2 Diffusion
2.1 Process by which particles mix and spread throughout gases and liquids
2.2 Different concentrations are evened out
2.3 Explains how smells travel
2.4 The smaller the relative molecular mass, the quicker particles diffuse
2.4.1 Mr is relative molecular mass
3 Changing State
3.1 Change state by heating or cooling
3.2 This is a physical process
3.3 No new chemical substance formed
3.4 Solid to Liquid = melting/freezing
3.5 Liquid to Gas = boiling/condensing
3.6 Solid to Gas = Subliming/Reverse subliming
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