Holbeck Hall Landslide

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Holbeck Hall Landslide
1 Background
1.1 Where: Scarborough, UK
1.2 When: 3rd-5th June 1993
2 Event
2.1 Hotel collapsed into the sea due to a landslide
2.2 A rotational slide moved almost 1 million tonnes of glacial till
2.3 70m of cliff was cut back
2.4 A 135m projector formed at the cliff base
3 Causes
3.1 140mm of rainfall in 2 months before
3.2 Drainage issues on the slope
3.3 Geology meant the slope was susceptible to mass movement
3.4 Undercutting of the slope with cliff top footpaths
3.5 Hotels foundations and car park prevented natural drainage
4 Impacts
4.1 Scarborough's only 4 star hotel destroyed
4.2 Cliff path routes had to be diverted
4.3 No deaths or injuries caused by the landslide
4.4 Large financial cost to the hotel owners
4.5 Beach area was closed over safety fears
5 Short Term Reaction
5.1 The remainder of the hotel was demolished
5.2 The site was made safe to keep out the public
5.3 Emergency works took place to protect surrounding buildings
5.4 Utilities cut off and made safe
6 Long Term Reaction
6.1 Reconstruction of the coastal paths
6.2 Structural work on the ground to prevent further movement
6.3 Creation of a new cliff side habitat
6.4 Increased building insurance costs

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