8.3 Photosynthesis

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8.3 Photosynthesis
1 Nature of Science
1.1 Sources of 14C and autoradiography enabled Calvin to elucidate the pathways of carbon fixation
1.1.1 TOK The lollipop experiment To what extent is the creation of an elegant protocol similar to the creation of a work of art?
2 Global Artificial Photosynthesis (GAP)
3 Annotation of a diagram to indicate the adaptations of a chloroplast to its functions
3.1 Light Dependent Reaction (LDR)
3.1.1 In the intermembrane space of the thylakoids Photolysis of water Photophosphorylation ATP Formation Reduced NADP
3.1.2 Photosystems Absorption of light generates excited electrons Transfer of excited electrons occurs between carriers in the thylakoid membranes (ETC) Photosystems II Electrons contribute to generate a proton gradient Photosystem I Electrons used to reduce NADP Hill's method demonstrating electron transfer in chloroplasts by observing DCPIP
3.2 Light Independent Reaction (LIR)
3.2.1 In the stroma Calvin cycle Carboxylase catalyses the carboxylation of ribulose bisphosphate (RuBP) Calvin's experiment Glycerate 3-phosphate is reduced to triose phosphate Using reduced NADP Using ATP Triose phosphate Synthesis of carbohydrates Regenerate RuBP
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