BBC relocates from London to Manchester

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A case study of one industry: reasons for changing locations and the social and economic impacts of this change. Study at a local/regional scale.

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BBC relocates from London to Manchester
1 Why move?
1.1 BBC North is a project that will create a new centre of excellence outside of London
1.2 Centre for production, technology development, training and digital media
1.3 The BBC is paid for by the whole of the UK and needs to relflect the breadth and depth of out culture
1.4 25% of licence fee payers live in the North but only 8% of network programmes are made in the region
1.4.1 The audience in the North feel less well served and represented and this move with redress this balance
2 When
2.1 The move starts in May 2011
3 BBC North will support locally produced, high quality content that will be enjoyed by audiences across the UK
3.1 This would be from the base at MediaCityUK
4 Effects
4.1 It will facilitates the creation of new partnerships with organisations e.g. independent produces, digital companies & universities across the North of England
4.2 There will be up to 2,300 BBC jobs in MediaCityUK incl hundreds of new vacancies.
4.3 BBC North will lead the way in training & development talent
5 Benefits of the move
5.1 Increasing the quality of all the BBC's content
5.2 Driving up approval for the BBC in the North of England
5.3 Creating a world-class talent pool in the North
5.4 On of the most efficient & cost effective centres & demonstrates value for money for the licence fee payer
6 Cost
6.1 Cost of the move to MediaCityUK is under £200m
6.2 Includes the addition of BBC Breakfast
6.3 Includes: Relocation, redundancy packages for staff & installation of new technology
7 Investments
7.1 £500,000 in content for CBeebies & CBBC
7.2 Radio 5 live Kicker Fund: 7 potential commissions from Northern radio independent production companies

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