Text 20 - The importance of being earnest

Emily Joy
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A-Levels English Mind Map on Text 20 - The importance of being earnest, created by Emily Joy on 05/15/2013.

Emily Joy
Created by Emily Joy over 6 years ago
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Text 20 - The importance of being earnest
1 Contexts of production
1.1 Cecily and Gwendolen are having afternoon tea in the garden of Cecily's house. They both believe (Mistakenly) that they are in love with the same man
1.2 Audience are fance of Oscar Wilde's work or of literature and plays
1.3 At the start the girls are polite to eachother, although still filled with bitterness, this then moves onto tauning eachother and revealing their true hatred
1.4 Play script
1.5 The purpose is to entertain its audience
2 Form and Structure
2.1 Italics at the beginning of the text give the text a sense of place and formality, shows a higher class setting
3 Word choice and Grammar
3.1 The long pause written in italics as a stage dircetion highlights the akwardness between the women
3.2 The interjection and excplamation mark shows Cecily's suprise in gwendolins lack of knwledge about the countryside
3.3 Stage directions show how she speaks aside to the audience, important as it is unnaturalistic
3.4 Use of second name basis show they are not personal friends

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