3.2 Chromosomes

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Steve Harton
Created by Steve Harton over 5 years ago
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3.2 Chromosomes
1 Nature of Science
1.1 Autoradiography was used to establish the length of DNA molecules in chromosomes
1.1.1 Cairns' technique Comparison of genome size T2 phage Escherichia coli Drosophila melanogaster Homo sapiens Paris japonica Aim 6 Staining root tips Aim 7 Use of databases to identify gene loci and protein products of genes
2 The number of chromosomes is a characteristic feature of members of a species
2.1 Prokaryotes
2.1.1 Naked Circular DNA
2.1.2 Plasmid
2.2 Eukaryotes
2.2.1 Linear DNA with histone proteins Nucleus Diploid (2n) Have pairs of homologous chromosomes Homologous chromosomes carry the same sequence of genes but no necessarily the same alleles of those genes Comparison of 2n chromosome numbers Pan troglodytes Oryza sativa Parascaris equorum Homo sapiens Canis familiaris Haploid (n) One chromosome of each pair
3 Karyogram vs Karyotype
3.1 A karyogram shows the chromosomes of an organism in homologous pairs of decreasing length
3.1.1 Sex chromosomes vs Autosomal chromosomes
3.1.2 Deduce sex and diagnose Down syndrome
4 International-mindedness
4.1 Sequencing of the rice genome involved cooperation between biologists in 10 countries

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