Text 25- That Suprising Craig Girl

Emily Joy
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A-Levels English Mind Map on Text 25- That Suprising Craig Girl, created by Emily Joy on 05/15/2013.

Emily Joy
Created by Emily Joy over 6 years ago
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Text 25- That Suprising Craig Girl
1 Contexts of production
1.1 Advert for a breakfast cereal, published in 1920s in Good Housekeeping magazine
1.2 Describes the winning exploits of Pam Craig and outlines the benefits of the cereal
1.3 Contains nutritional infomation
1.4 Womens held a difficult position in society
1.5 Primary audience is women, housewives preparing and recovering from wartime.
1.6 Freed from society's expectations, women's position in society was on the move, ww1 changed their representation
1.7 Despite being an advert the article has conventions from a magazine such as the celebrity endorsement. This makes the ad mroe proffessional and thr purpose more reachable.
2 Form and Structure, Layout and presentation
2.1 First two paragraphs praise Pam, before moving into nutritional infomation in paragraph 3 and four, the last two then link back to the product they are selling.
2.2 The hand drawn image tells us that it is an older text, and is conventional of a magazine article- despite being an advertisement. The columns also fit the magazine conventions, along with the coupon
2.3 The bold font of the title contrasts the lighter image, and leads the reader into the article.
2.4 Logo and Signature give a personal feel to the ad.
3 Word Choice and grammar
3.1 Males would always be addressed by their surname, especially in a public school. Important that she has been given the male characteristic. Strong occosiations of men being strong at that time, interesting that it is the woman who won.
3.2 Lexical field of science and nutrition in the small grape nuts ad.
3.2.1 Gives the impression that it is well founded, and also gives a further promotion of other products
3.3 'Do you know the grape nuts secret?' direct communication with emphasis on the you, handwriting make it a more personal question
3.4 Repetition of the word grape nuts keeps the reader focused on the product
3.5 Exclamitory sentences highlights her achievements
3.6 Lexis gradually becomes more informal, addressing her as Pam. Use of Dashes give extra information, italics used to emphasise and the fact that she is 'the only girl' makes her stand out even mroe
3.7 Imperative 'get a package to-day' also archaic
3.8 Short sentences in race commentry build the tension.
3.9 Complex sentences seent throughout, giving the reader more and more infomation

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