How does Cormier present the character of Larry LaSalle

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How does Cormier present the character of Larry LaSalle
1 The character of Larry LaSalle is vital to the plot and themes of Heroes: Cormier presents him in opposition to Francis and uses him to explore the central issues of the novel
2 This ambiguity about LaSalle’s character is continued through the book, reflecting the theme of concealment and revelation
2.1 ‘dazzling movie-star’
2.2 Cormier uses this technique of foreshadowing and undermining throughout the novel
2.3 Interweaving time lines, leads to the reader being fed information bit by bit
2.3.1 creating a sense of suspense
3 LaSalle is also presented as a man whose public appearance conceals what is really beneath the surface
3.1 ‘Silver Star’
3.2 Francis knows what he is really like makes this appearance seem more sinister. The heroic exterior is undermined
3.3 Cormier contrasts the hideous exterior of the veteran Francis with the memory of the beautiful LaSalle
4 Comrmier has created the picture of the beautiful but dangerous monster, when he finally confronts him, LaSalle is presented as a shell of his former self
4.1 sinister aspects of LaSalle’s character are fully highlighted ‘sweet young things’
4.2 manipulate Francis to the very end
4.3 characters in his novel are not black and white but inhabit a grey area
5 It is LaSalle that Cormier uses to ask the central question of the book: ‘Does that one sin of mine wipe away all the good things?’
5.1 Cormier manages to present LaSalle as deluded about the damage which he has caused, but also contrasts the two sides of his character
5.2 Cormier uses LaSalle to show that people need to see heroism, even if on closer examination that heroism is flawed.
5.3 Cormier is asking how far any good he did achieve, in boosting the children’s confidence
6 Therefore, LaSalle is presented as being central to the themes of concealment and revelation, and of what makes a hero; he is never allowed to become a complete monster, but is a much more subtle character
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