Wartime Policies - Nazi Germany AS.


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Wartime Policies - Nazi Germany AS.
  1. lebensraum
    1. more living space
      1. new acquired territories to sell German raw materials and food
        1. exploitation of land to supply cheap goods
          1. forced to sell their goods to Germany at very low prices
          2. Scorched Earth Policy
            1. this is destroying/taking anything useful from the enemy
              1. this was used by the Soviet b/c fighting on eastern front
                1. Germany found there was little for them to take
                  1. Germany got goods by using railways of conquered land such as France
                  2. Fiscal Policy
                    1. This is the use of Government expenditure to benefit the Government
                      1. directed towards the exploitation of conquered lands
                        1. Capital to be gathered for German investments
                        2. Slave Labour
                          1. started in the early days of labour camps with 'undesirables' such as The Jews, Homosexuals and the disabled.
                            1. As the war progressed so did the use of slave labour
                              1. 'undesirables' from occupied territories used as slave labourers by big German Corporations
                                1. By 1944, 1/4 of the workforce in Germany was made up by Slave Labour.
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